Take pleasure in Choyotei “A Selection of Extravagance”

An abundance of fresh ingredients used in preparation of an extensive smorgasbord of Chinese, Japanese, and Western buffet.
“KITABANYA” offers up the finest service and foodstuff sparing no expense.
Spending blissful moments over a colorful assortment of meals and tastes.

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Buffet Restaurant

Relish an ample of seasonal varieties and freshness brought to life. Buffet Menu Buffet Menu Buffet Menu

About Restaurant “HAYAMOMIJI”

About Restaurant “HAYAMOMIJI”

Have your fill of hot gourmet in view of nature’s landscape.
Fresh Hokkaido ingredients in abundance! Take delight in our arranged buffet style selection of seasonal meals.

About foodallergies
Concerning matters of food allergies,please let us know.
About smoking
The buffet restaurant is an all non-smoking area.
There are 3 places for smoking including those located just outside of the main entrance, in front of our buffet restaurant on the 1st floor, and in front of the souvenir shop on the 2nd floor respectively.